week 05

February 1, 2009


birthday cupcake

birthday cupcake...8x10 panel board...01feb2009

I have started to compile a list of ideas and subject matter to explore as I create new work each week.  One idea may lead to several other concepts to further investigate at a later time.  I am really excited about some of these ideas, but I leave room to be open to a relevant idea each week.  Part of the process of doing a weekly painting is to capture something that was meaningful to me that week.  After all, this is an art journal.

My birthday was this last week and that is why the subject of this week’s painting is a “birthday cupcake.”  I had the idea to do a cupcake, but as I was working on this, I was losing interest in the subject matter.  To me this wasn’t as exciting as some of my more abstract or experimental work.  I think to keep this going for 52 weeks, I will need to keep it fresh (for me) and remember to keep it pure and minimal.  I don’t want to labor too much on these, which is something that I easily tend to do.


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