week 07

February 15, 2009


You and Me (and a strong sense of forever)...8x10...14Feb2009

With Valentine’s Day being this weekend, I thought maybe I should focus on the theme of “love” or more accurately “gifts given to show love.”  After dismissing the usual roses or heart themed ideas, I thought back to the long lost art of the mixtape.  As many of my close friends know, I enjoy putting mixes together and  have done so in a variety of forms:  playlists for the iPod, burning CD’s, and dubbing cassette tapes.  Technology has made this process easier and quicker, but I think in doing so it has taken away from the personal touch.  If you were like me, the mixtape was homespun process of dubbing each song and using that vibe to select the next song, handwriting the labels and song titles, creating original cover artwork, and best of all – naming the mix.  After this process was complete you gave this labor of love away to one person and hope that person can take away everything you put in it.  I have heard the expressions “Mixtape = Love” or “Mixtape is a Love Letter” and it is probably true as I have made many mixes for Shelley throughout our dating years and into our marriage.

I stole the title “You and Me (and a strong sense of forever)” from a lyric from the song “Sea and Sky” by the band Over the Rhine and I am pretty sure that song has appeared in one of my mixtapes from back in the day.

If you were born in the ’90’s, then this probably makes no sense.


3 Responses to “week 07”

  1. Brian Branigan said

    The mix tape is becoming a lost art form. There were a few tapes I made with my heart on my sleeve.

  2. darwin godwin said

    I like it! If that was on a shelf – people would pick prints of that up quite fast!

  3. Paul Keleher said

    That’s a great song by OTR, Sam. I like the concept behind the piece.

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