week 09

March 1, 2009

wheat...8x10 panel board...28feb2009


wheat...8x10 panel board...28feb2009


I realize that I keep changing styles and themes from week to week and I think I am doing that to keep the paintings fresh for me.  I see the potential to do many versions of “Eden’s Flowers” (for example) but I don’t want to become just a flower guy when there are other areas to explore.  (Yes, I will revisit the flowers again.)  “Wheat” along with “Geese” are similar in that they are both have many layers of subtle texture yet they  still read very minimal.  I tend to think of these as musical paintings.  I you were to ask me what I like in music, can I just show you an image?


4 Responses to “week 09”

  1. kenziewoods said

    I love the simplicity and the bold graphic quality. It’s great that subject is so soft and organic, just wonderful.



  2. Brian Branigan said

    Wheat does have a minimalistic feel to it. It relies on the it’s atmosphere.

  3. darin said

    love them all sam!

  4. Mindy said

    I LOVE the wheat! Marvelous! Bravo!

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