week 10

March 8, 2009

Birds on Wires...8x10 panel board...07 March 2009


Birds & Wires...8x10 panel board...07 March 2009



I am starting to take an interest in birds or maybe it is not just birds, but forms that create space in the sky.  I think this is a theme I will continue to explore.  Maybe, it is the sky I am interested in.  I will find out.

Back to birds…It is interesting how other peoples interests can interest you.  I once worked with a guy who was an honest-to-goodness bird watcher.  Every weekend there would be day trips to find a specific species and at least once a year there was the exotic big trip with the local bird watching club.  I was always fascinated to see his pictures and hear  his stories.  There were always a few pictures that were just stunning.  Anyway, I think I am somewhat interested in birds in terms of form and composition.


4 Responses to “week 10”

  1. Brian said

    I first thought they were birds on guitar strings– but I guess that wouldn’t make sense.

  2. Mindy said

    This looks like the inspiration of Lisa Lala. Have you heard of her? I absolutely adore her bird pictures and they look similar to yours. Maybe your painting is more affordable than her thousands of dollars per picture?

  3. sam said

    Mindy…I haven’t heard of her, but I will look her up. I am curious now. Yeah my paintings are a bit cheaper.

  4. balm said

    you should try this style with a monoprint background and another print on top like the Justin Marable silkscreen/monoprint combo’s we saw tonight. i like the contrast here!

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