Week 28

July 13, 2009

Iowa: Red...9x12 Panel Board...12 July 2009

Iowa: Red...9x12 Panel Board...12 July 2009

Here is part 3 of 3 for my Iowa color series. 

Lately, I have been exploring the idea of song and album.  No other artform moves me more than music and I was telling a friend that my goal is to someday visually capture that emotional connection of a song or album.  I am not confidant that this can be accomplished.  A song or album can take you on a journey slowly revealing itself to you, whereas a painting is fully exposed.  I cannot control the path of a viewers eyes…oh, I see this can become a deep discussion.  In the meantime, I have focused on stand alone parts that can be put together as a whole.  Hopefully, like how unified songs make a great album.


5 Responses to “Week 28”

  1. I can almost hear the song!
    I enjoy your progressions…

  2. Brian Branigan said

    I know what you mean. A good album is like a journey. What songs inspire these recent paintings?

  3. sam said

    Honestly, I am not sure as I worked on these over 3 weeks. I have been listening to the new Moby, Fanfarlo, the new Church,the new Viva Voce and the new Junior Boys.

  4. katy said

    i saw these on the mantel last night and they look really cool!

  5. sam said

    Thanks katy!

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