Week 30

August 5, 2009

Discover and Enjoy...8x10 panel board...29 July 2009

Discover and Enjoy...8x10 panel board...29 July 2009

Sorry this is posted late.  I just got back from a Colorado rocky mountain vacation with the family.  I did pack a couple of panel boards and a light supply of paint, brushes, and other materials along side bikes, suitcases, backpacks and other various things to keep kids happy into a van for our 13 day journey.  Painting was more difficult that I imagined.  We kept busy all day and were exhausted at night.  I approached these paintings with no plans hoping to finds some inspiration in the mountains.  I came home with a few ideas that I saw.  I want the time to implement them properly.

“Discovery and Enjoy” (above) came after a rainy day.  The sky cleared around 5pm.  My 6 year old son and I decided to get out and follow a trail up this mountain that was close to our condo.  The trail took us through a forest and this is what I remember.


4 Responses to “Week 30”

  1. Doc said

    I love it.

  2. Heather said

    love seeing others’ perspective on aspen.
    very nice, sam.

  3. Dan said

    A friend of mine sent me to your site. This painting reminds me of Gustav Klimt’s landscapes. Especially the ones of the Birch trees.

    A painting a week. Sounds like fun… and a difficult task to accomplish. Good luck!

  4. sam said

    Thanks for checking it out.

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