White Elephant 2009

December 6, 2009

White Elephant 2009...5x7 canvas...04 Dec 2009

Each Christmas season, there is always a party where you are suppose to bring a “white elephant” gift.  I have made it my motto to put the white elephant back in white elephant.  Rather than finding junk in the house to get ride of, I thought it would be nice (and fun) to do a small and quick (although it never is) painting of the infamous white elephant.  This is my third year, so I think I have a tradition strarted.  And yes I did find a canvas to reuse in the basement.


2 Responses to “White Elephant 2009”

  1. balm said

    a great “White Elephant” i want to come exchange these with you!

  2. Fructose Freak said

    Hey, I’m absolutely loving your work. It’s really beautiful! I’m just starting up a band called ‘White Elephant’. I’d love to incorporate your work into our posters and album covers. What do you think? I can send you some demos or something. Kate 🙂

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