New Year New Goals

January 12, 2010

First off, I want to thank the many people who took interest in my weekly painting project of 2009 and thank you for the words of encouragement  both publicly and privately.

Let me give you some 2009 behind the scenes info:

  • My first 4 paintings were on a flat 8×10 panel board.  I then realized these are kinda nice, so I graduated to using an 8×10 panel board on a 3/4″ cradle.  I felt the could be wall hung without a frame.  Then I really started splurging as I increased my size to 9×12 panel board on a 1 1/2″ cradle.  I think these look really nice on the wall.
  • My process (idea)…I would use a journal to document ideas that I could reference if needed.  I might have loose idea in my head and I would use Monday thru Thursday to let that idea brew and come up with a concrete concept.  Sometimes there were moments when Friday came and panic set in because I had been too busy to think.  Usually there was a lunch hour trip to the art store to pick out a panel board.
  • My process (work)…I had the lofty idea that I would be able to work a little bit each night, but that never really became the case.  This was a weekend project and more than that this was a late night weekend project…Fridays and Saturdays.  Start time was dependent on getting kids to bed or at the close of any other social activities.  I am a night owl, so it was no problem working late into the night.  As a rule, I tried shut down around 2am, but sometimes you want to finish a certain element and then there is clean-up.  Early on I would finish a piece late Saturday night, but as some of these projects got more complex, I found myself working on Sunday and sometimes even as late as a Tuesday.  This would really cut down on the time to dream up a new idea.  With kids and morning activities, I was never able to sleep in.  I lost a lot of sleep last year.
  • My process (art)…as I made clear with my goals, I wanted these paintings to be simple and minimal.  My first painting was probably the purest expression of that idea.  From there I somehow wanted to see how far I could take it by making it more complex.  I would still love to get back to that original idea.  My “Winter Trees” series at the end were an attempt.  I also had the idea to paint paper and use with the painted panel boards.  The idea was that I could create a catalogue of painted papers to use from project to project.  That worked sometimes.
  • That is all I can think of right now.

I have taken a much-needed two-week break.  I have been able to lay on the sofa and watch a movie on a Saturday night without the worries of meeting the deadline.  Actually, the only painting I have done recently has been the walls of our living room, dining room, and kitchen.  But I feel guilty and I am itchin’ to ge back to work.

I have been asked what my plans are for 2010.  I tried to come up with something clever like 12 paintings in 12 months, but that seems like a let down compared to last year.

2009 taught me discipline, so in 2010 I want to focus on freedom.  I want to be free from deadlines and restrictions.  I want to paint larger pieces that take longer time to develop, but at the same time work small if I want.  I might paint one piece a month or three.  I want to take more time to develop ideas.  I want  my sketchbook to take on more importance.  I want to slowly pursue the business side and learn about the art world.  I’d like to pursue more shows.  And I’d still like to capture a song into a visual.

So please check back often to see what I have been up to.



One Response to “New Year New Goals”

  1. Brian said

    Capturing a song visually is something I find myself doing sometimes when I’m listening to music. I think it would be cool to have the ability to put it on canvas.

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