2011 #11

July 18, 2011

beagle...8x10 acrylic on magazine and panel...17 July 2011

Here is my pet art contribution to the 2011 “Art Unleashed” art auction.  I used this piece as a chance to experiment on some ideas I had brewing in my head.  I painted on magazine paper and then cut up to form the image of the dog.  With magazine paper I was able to use minimal paint and control how the color and tones of the image behind could bleed through the paint to create some interesting layers of texture.  However, magazine paper is very difficult to work with.  It is extremely thin and on the verge of falling apart.  The paint never really adheres and can easily be scratched off (until sealed.)  There is a fine line between something that could be good and utter disaster.

This turned out pretty good for a pet portrait.   Hmmm.  Does anyone need a pet portrait?


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