2011 #12

August 19, 2011

portrait of a mop head...11x14 acrylic on magazine and panel...14 Aug 2011

I’ve been busy this last month.  A trip to Wisconsin to visit a friend and catch U2 in Minneapolis.  A vacation with my family down to the Emerald Coast of Florida.  Getting the kids ready for school that started this week.  Starting up of fall soccer.  The list goes on.  I am sure pretty sure I am not alone the busyness of the last few weeks.  I am just stating this to make an excuse for not being too productive in the studio.  However, I did manage to complete this “Portrait of a Mop Head.”

Huh?  A mop?  I know.  It is a strange subject matter.  This is my submission for a juried show with a theme of janitorial supplies…inspired by and created by.   I created the image by applying paint with paper towels and sponges onto discarded magazine paper.  The Juror extended the deadline for entries, so I am going to work on a companion piece…”Portrait of a Broom Head.”


3 Responses to “2011 #12”

  1. I was thinking of doing sculpture with mop heads.

  2. I love the strange subject matter!! Clever!

  3. […] Portrait of a Broom Head is the companion piece to Portrait of a Mop Head. […]

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