GF Sam Wagner lives in Overland Park, Kansas and received a Bachelors in Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Kansas, School of Architecture, Design & Planning in 1997.  Focus study included classes in drawing, sculpture and expanded media from the KU Department of Visual Art.  He is currently working as an Architect at a Kansas City area firm while pursuing art and creative endeavors in his spare time.

 [Artist Statement]

I am drawn to that first idea, the napkin sketch, the demo, that fuzzy memory.  I try to keep my work simple and pure, so that I may be true to that first impression.  I like to experiment with found paper by adding layers of paint to create texture that I can cut and paste onto a painted panel board.  In developing and executing an idea, I find that my creative process borrows form design principles and work habits that I learned in my architecture design studios.  Most of my work is a reaction to a prior painting or series.  I really enjoy the process of making art and a finished piece always leaves me with the question “What if?”


Questions, commissions, and pricing info send an email to:  gfsamwagner (at)


9 Responses to “Bio”

  1. Sam, very cool! If you are taking requests – how about some rock climbing style or mountain style pics?

    We’ll be watching…


  2. sam said

    I will keep that in mind. Thanks for taking a look.

  3. Mindy said

    You are taking requests?
    I like pictures of fields… wheat fields.
    Or, cows.
    Or, the mountains.
    But, I like to look at all the stuff you paint so I’m happy with whatever.

  4. sam said

    Good ideas. I want to explore the Kansas landscape at some point.

  5. Emily said

    Hi Sam-

    Mindy let me know about your work. I am really loving it.
    I just posted about it on my blog, I hope that’s okay.
    Let me know if you prefer for me to take it down-


    love, Emily

  6. sam said

    Thanks for the attention. I feel really honored to be mentioned in you blog and to be among all the great designers and artist that you feature. Your blog really captures the beauty of life.

  7. Michael Orndorff said

    Cool pics Sam. I enjoyed some more than others, but I really enjoy the difference and I am always looking for differenct viewpoints than mine…I have definitely found that here.

  8. darin said

    keep up the nice work sam. love your exploration!

  9. Nice article, great looking weblog, added it to my favorites.

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