I am now updating music that I listen to in my studio on Pineterest.  Check it out.
January 2011
1. Glasser – Ring  2. Lower Dens – Twin Hand Movement  3. Toro y Moi – Causers of This  4. Said Fantasy – Horse of Faded Grandeur  5. Wild Nothing – Gemini  6. Crystal Castles & Robert Smith – Not in Love
December 2010
1. Crystal Castles – II  2. Daft Punk – Tron Soundtrack  3. The Drums  4. Kelli Scarr – Piece 5. Sam Billen – A Word of Encouragement  6. Goldfrapp – Rocket
1. The Choir – de-Plumbed  2. Interpol  3. Jars of Clay – the Shelter  4. Mumford and Sons – Sigh No More  5. Over the Rhine – the Long Surrender
1. Arcade Fire – Suburbs  2. El Perro Del Mar – Love is not Pop  3. the Weepies – Be My Thrill  4. A Sunny Day in Glasgow – Autumn, Again  5. the National – High Violet
1. Sufjan Stevens – Age of Adz  2. CocoRosie – Grey Oceans  3. Belle and Sebastian – Write About Love  4. The Crystal Method – Divided By Night  5. Switchfoot – Hello Hurricane
1. U2 – October  2. The Cure – Seventeen Seconds  3. The best of The Call  4. Slowdive – Just for a Day  5. The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus – the Gift of Tears
1. The Weepies – Be My Thrill  2. Underworld – Barking  3.  The Big Pink – A Brief History of Love  4. Janelle Monae – ArchAndroid  5. Charlotte Gainsbourg – IRM
1. Arcade Fire – Suburbs  2. Starflyer 59 – The Changing of the Guard  3. Sufjan Stevens – All Delighted People EP  4. School of Seven Bells – Disconnect from Desire  5. Stars – The Five Ghosts
JULY 2010
 1. The Choir – Burning Like the Midnight Sun  2.  The Opiate Mass – Vol. 2 Albatross  3. The Opiate Mass – Vol. 1 Make a Sound  4. The Sundays – Static and Silence  5. The Flaming Lips – Embryonic
 1.  Sara Groves – Fireflies and songs  2. The Watson Twins – Talking to You  3. The Innocence Mission – My Room in the Trees  4. Death Cab For Cutie – the Open Door EP  5. Caribou – Swim
JUNE 2010
1. Sleigh Bells – Treats  2. The Pains of Being Pure of Heart – Say No to Love  3. The Innocence Mission – My Room in the Trees  4. Caribou – Swim  5. The National – High Violet
MAY 2010
1. The National – High Violet  2. Keane – Night Train  3. Gorillaz – Plastic Beach  4. The Innocence Mission – Umbrella  5. Jonsi – Go
1. The Temper Trap – Conditions  2. Broken Bells – S/T  3. Antony and the Johnsons – the Crying Light  4. Doves – Kingdom of Rust  5. Laura Veirs – July Flame
1. Jars of Clay – the Long Fall Back to Earth  2. Mojave 3 – Ask Me Tomorrow  3. Massive Attack – Heligoland  4. The Low Anthem – Oh My God, Charlie Darwin  5. Viva Voce – Rose City
1. Laura Veirs – July Flame  2. Metric – Fantasies  3. The XX – xx  4. U2 – The Joshua Tree  5. Editors – In this Light and On this Evening
1. Mum – Sing Along To Songs You Don’t Know  2. Over the Rhine – Ohio  3. The Mary Onettes – Islands  4. Bad Lieutenant – Never Cry Another Tear  5. Twin Sister – Vampiers with Dreaming Kids
1. The Foxglove Hunt – Built my Fortress  2. Beach House – Teen Dream  3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz  4. The Rosebuds – Life Like  5. Starflyer 59 – Dial M
1. The Foxglove Hunt – built my fortress  2. Beach House – teen dream  3. Air – moon safari  4. Jonsi – boy lilikoi (single)  5. Jay-Z, Bono, Edge, Rihanna – stranded (haiti mon amour) (single)
1. Dark Was The Night – Various Artists  2. The Editors – in this light and on this evening  3. Fever Ray – Fever Ray  4. Beach House – Norway (single)  5. Portishead – Chase the Tear (single)
 1. Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavillion  2. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Higher than the Stars  3.  The Mary Onettes – Islands  4. St. Vincent – Actor  5. Bat for Lashes – Two Suns
Week 47 – 50 (12/14/09)
I haven’t updated this in a while, but here are some of the albums I have been listening to over the last 4 weeks…
1. Sam Billen – headphones and cellphones  2. Bon Iver – for emma, forever ago  3. Radiohead – the bends  4. The Jesus and Mary Chain – pyschocandy  5. Neko Case – middle cyclone
1. Over the Rhine – snow angels  2. The Swell Season – strict joy  3. Starflyer 59 – talking voice vs. singing voice  4. El Perro Del Mar – love is not pop  5. Bill Mallonee – yonder shines the infant light
1. Joy Electric – favorites at play  2. Chris Tomlin – glory in the hightest  3. Sufjan Stevens – songs for christmas  4. Mum – sing along to songs you don’t know  5. Rosie Thomas – a very rosie christmas
1. Enya – and winter came  2. Over the Rhine – darkest night of the year  3. Fanfarlo – reservior  4. M83 – dead cities, red seas, and lost ghosts  5. Juana Molina – un dia
Week 46 (11/16/09)
1. El Perro Del Mar – Love is not Pop  2. Mum – Sing Along to Songs You Don’t Know  3. Joy Electric – Favorites at Play  4. Erin McKeown – Hundreds of Lions  5. Derek Webb – Stockholm Syndrome
Week 45 (11/09/09)
1. Muse – the Resistance  2. Bad Lieutenant – Never Cry Another Tear  3. Noah and the Whale – The First Days of Spring  4. The Swell Season – Strict Joy  5. M83-Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
Week 44 (11/02/09)
1. U2 – the Unforgettable Fire (25th anv. box set)  2. The Swell Season – Strict Joy  3. Gemma Hayes – the Hollow of Morning  4. Moby – Wait for Me  5. The Lassie Foundation – Jestreams, Three Wheels ep
Week 43 (10/27/09)
1. Noah and the Whale – The First Days of Spring  2. Great Northern – Remind Me Where the Light is  3. The Foxglove Hunt – Stop Heartbeat  4. Muse – The Resistance  5. David Bazan – Curse your Branches
Week 42 (10/19/09)
1. Muse – the Resistance  2. Juana Molina – Un Dia  3. Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johanson – Break Up  4. The Cure – Disintigration  5. Junior Boys – Begone Dull Care
Week 41 (10/12/09)
1. U2 – No Line On the Horizon  2. Daniel Amos – Kalhoun  3. Bad Lieutenant – Never Cry Another Tear  4.  Jacaszek – Treny  5. Slowdive – Souvlaki
Week 40 (10/05/09)
1. Daniel Amos – Darn Floor Big Bite  2. Bad Lieutenant – Never Cry Another Tear  3. U2 – October  4. Pet Shop Boys – Yes  5. Muse – Absolution
Week 39 (9/28/07)
 1. U2 – Under a Blood Red Sky  2. Keane – Perfect Symetry  3. Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus – The Gift of Tears  4. CocoRosie – The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn  5. Starflyer 59 – Dial M
Week 38 (9/21/09)
1. Radiohead – Kid A  2. Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johanson – Break Up  3. U2 – The Unforgettable Fire  4. The Rosebuds – Life Like  5. Stereolab – Chemical Chords
Week 37 (9/14/09)
1. David Bazan – Curse Your Branches  2. Sally Shapiro – My Guilty Pleasure  3. Coldplay – LeftRightLeftRightLeft  4. Pet Shop Boys – Very  5. Camera Obscura – My Maudlin Career
Week 36 (9/07/09)
1. The Choir – O How the Mighty Have Fallen  2. Deerhunter – Rainwater Cassette Exchange  3. The Rosebuds – Life Like  4. Sally Shapiro – My Guilty Pleasure  5. U2 – How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
Week 35 (8/31/09)
1. Stereolab – Chemical Chords  2. The Pains of Being Pure of Heart – S/T  3. Chairlift – Does You Inspire You  4. Joy Electric – Curiosities and Such  5. Mum – Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy
Week 34 (8/24/09)
1. El Perro Del Mar – s/t  2. Radiohead – these are my twisted words (single)  3. U2 – no line on the horizon  4. My Brightest Diamond – a thousand shark’s teeth  5. Over the Rhine – live from nowhere vol. 4  6. Passion Pit – manners
Over the Rhine at Crosstown Station, Kansas City, MO
18 August 2009

WEEK 33 (8/17/09)


1.  Passion Pit – Manners  2.  Moby – Wait for Me  3.  Viva Voce – Rose City  4.  R.E.M. – Green  5.  The Church – Untitled 23

WEEK 32 (8/10/09)


Camara Obscura – My Maudlin Career, Over the Rhine – live from nowhere vol. 4, Bjork – Telegram, Natalie Merchant – Tigerlilly, Slowdive – Souvlaki.
Out in Colorado, I found a Border’s with a discount bin full of CD’s for 5.99.  I picked up Bjork, Natalie Merchant, and REM-Green…some good Oldies.  I could have picked up a few more, but I have to draw the line.

23 Responses to “listening”

  1. Brian said

    I happen to enjoy long music discussions too.
    I’m probably going to be picking up the new Over the Rhine soon.
    I’ve got the new Camara Obscura too. I like their previous one “Let’s Get Out of the Country” a little more. Just better songs there.
    I listened to “Tigerlilly” recently. I remember I hated it when it first came out (too much radio play). It took a while, but I’ve come around to it.
    “Telegram” is ok as far as a remix album goes. Of course, it’s not really a remix, but a reinterruptation. I’m ususally a person who likes the originals.
    Looking forward to some new ones from David Bazan and Mew.

  2. sam said

    Brian, I really like the new OTR as it was part of show that played material only from their first four albums. It’s nastalgia for me, but these were the song they played live when I first discovered them. Speaking of OTR, they will be in KC next Tuesday.

    I have the same view and thoughts on Tigerlilly. I wasn’t interested back in ’97 – to much radio and it sounded watered down compared to 10,000 Maniacs. I did like Ophelia, so for 6 bucks, I thought I’d give it a fair shot. Bottom line is that I love her voice and the disc isn’t bad.

    Telegram is kinda hit or miss as far as a remix album goes.

    I am on the fence about the new David Bazan album. Lately, I have grown tired of “him?”, I don’t know, maybe if the music is good.

  3. Brian said

    OTR is playing two shows in Portland in November. I’m sure I’ll catch one of them.

  4. Brian said

    I tried the new Church. Didn’t work for me. I consider myself a pretty big fan, but this one and maybe one other album in their catalog just don’t work for me. They have so many great ones, but this just didn’t have the songs that they are capable of writing.
    I also tried Viva Voce. I figured with a name like “Rose City” (Portland’s nickname) I owed to myself. It’s ok, but I didn’t find it worth owning.

    BTW, I got the new OTR Live vol 4. My link for instant download didn’t work. I called in, but it still isn’t working. I’ll just have to wait for the actual album, which was shipped last Friday.

  5. sam said

    Brian – As someone who doesn’t have a lot of Church albums, I love love love Untitled 23. I think it is a great album and I keep going back to it – all summer long.

    As a longtime fan of Viva Voce, I must say I am delighted with their new album. They have better individual songs on past albums, but stylistically those have been all over the map. This new album is focused and concise. It really flows and feels like an album. After repeated listens, I found Rose City very worthwhile. BTW, I had no idea that was Portland’s nickname.

  6. Brian said

    Viva Voce is from Portland (actually they moved here from the south). If you listen to the song “Rose City”- it gives a lot of Portland references.
    Yes- we are the “City of Roses- it’s posted on nearly every street sign. Parts of the city are called “the Rose Quarter” “Rose Center” “Rose Garden”. They are pretty much everywhere. We even have 5 of them in our yard.

  7. Brian said

    I got my copy of Over the Rhine. I love it. The songs don’t sound as dated as they do on the albums.
    Love the new Radiohead. Have you heard the new Mew?

  8. Brian said

    I would recommend the new David Bazan. Best he’s done in years.

  9. Brian said

    good choices this week. What do you think of the new David Bazan?
    I would recommend the new Stars of Track and Field for this week.

  10. Paul Keleher said

    Darn Floor, Big Bite is one of my favorite albums of all time! I love all the cool “noises” Greg Flesch is able to elicit from the electric guitar and his accordion. Tim Chandler has wonderfully wild and wooly bass parts to anchor the songs, and Terry’s lyrics have few peers (to me they are transcendent). Here are some of my favorite lines: “If I were to give an animal’s name, could I keep you locked in a cage in my brain? Yes, I want to hold you, but it is not clear just what’s your intention if I get too near.”
    “These are the images I arrange to fill in my report on you: ‘holiness,’ ‘mystery,’ ‘disturbing’ and ‘strange’ obscuring the point of my view.” “Tomorrow I’m planning to write the great book in which I will capture our time-set forth the fury, the sound, and the look if I could just make up my mind.”
    I was so happy that this got remastered! I heard the record exec. who pushed for the reissue is an agnostic, but that this music was “too important” to him. I couldn’t agree more. Before Radiohead’s OK Computer, this was the album I would listen to for great ideas and moods. Glad to see you like it Sam.

  11. sam said

    Paul, This last year, my wife got me the remastered Darn Floor Big Bite special edition for my birthday. I was so excited that this was finally rereleased. It had been years since I listened to that album since I only had it on cassette back in the late ’80’s, but those sounds have haunted me through the years. I love it, what a great album and timeless too. You can’t put a date on that album. It is in its own time period.

  12. Brian said

    How did you get Bad Lt.? Mine isn’t due until next week?

  13. sam said

    Brian, I hate to admit this, but lately I have been buying some music on Amazon mp3. They have daily deals at a price that I cannot pass up. Last week they had the Bad Lt. album on sale for $2.99. I still prefer hard copies.

  14. Brian said

    I still haven’t gotten my copy of Bad Lt. Should be on the way with the new Editors. Have you heard the new Editors?- they dropped the guitars for keyboards.

  15. sam said

    I have seen a video for one of the Editors new songs. I like it. Has it been released or is it an import that you are getting?

  16. Brian said

    Right now it’s on import and itunes only. I should be getting the import any day now.

  17. Brian said

    What do you think of the new Muse? I’ve heard it a couple of times and wasn’t blown away. Didn’t sound very inspiring or like it had any new ideas. Just my opinion.

  18. sam said

    Brian, I’ll send you an email as a response.

  19. Anonymous said

    you must really like that new Muse album. I would recommend the new Dashboard. I wasn’t expecting much, but I’m digging it.

  20. Brian said

    yeah, anonymous is me

  21. Brian said

    love the new El Perro.

  22. sam said

    Yes, I love the new El Perro del Mar album. There is a certain “cool”ness to it and that is an honor generally reserve for Starflyer 59 albums.

  23. Brian said

    Hey what do you think of the new Editors?

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