2011 #12

August 19, 2011

portrait of a mop head...11x14 acrylic on magazine and panel...14 Aug 2011

I’ve been busy this last month.  A trip to Wisconsin to visit a friend and catch U2 in Minneapolis.  A vacation with my family down to the Emerald Coast of Florida.  Getting the kids ready for school that started this week.  Starting up of fall soccer.  The list goes on.  I am sure pretty sure I am not alone the busyness of the last few weeks.  I am just stating this to make an excuse for not being too productive in the studio.  However, I did manage to complete this “Portrait of a Mop Head.”

Huh?  A mop?  I know.  It is a strange subject matter.  This is my submission for a juried show with a theme of janitorial supplies…inspired by and created by.   I created the image by applying paint with paper towels and sponges onto discarded magazine paper.  The Juror extended the deadline for entries, so I am going to work on a companion piece…”Portrait of a Broom Head.”


2010 #12

June 15, 2010

Hedge Apple Tree: Fall...acrylic on panel and paper...09 Jun 2010

Hedge Apple Tree: Fall is the last of the four seasons project.  These have been a lot of fun to work on and at the same time pretty labor intensive given the deadline I had to meet.  These trees are made by painting and cutting out the negatives space between the branches.  There are no painted lines on these projects.  Sometime in the future, I intend to make remixes (if I can uses a music term) of all four of these trees where I will incorporate the positive space that was left from my painted paper.

For the immediate future, I have a some ideas for a few small and quick projects.  I just want to experiment a bit and create a few sketch like paintings and do it in a quick manner that is not so labor intensive.  Then after that I think I’ll go big.  We’ll see.

2010 #11

June 9, 2010

hedge apple tree: summer...11x14 acrylic on panel and paper...27 May 2010

I finished the “Summer” version a couple of weeks ago, but have since taken a mini-vacation with the family and made preparations for my First Friday June reception…and…focused any remaining time on finishing the “Fall” version of this tree.  “Fall” is finished, which is great because it wraps up the series on time.  These painting needed to be finished by June 12th and I have a few days to spare.

I want a nap now.  I will post “Fall” soon.

2010 #10

May 18, 2010

Hedge Apple Tree: Spring...11x14 acrylic on panel and paper...16 May 2010

Spring is here for the Hedge Apple Tree.  The dark green buds are starting to appear and the grass is at a young bright age.  Gone are the greys.  The sun is shining with a yellow-tinge to the baby blue sky.  The rope swing is down and the kids are ready to play.

2010 #9

April 29, 2010

Hedge Apple Tree: Winter...11x14 acrylic on panel and paper...28 Apr 2010

I have been comissioned to do four paintings of this hedge apple tree.  One painting for each of the four seasons.  I have taken a bit of time to study the tree, take many pictures, and figure out the approach that I would take to capture this tree in the different seasons.  The tree is amazing.  It looks as if the main trunkline branches have battled each other over the years before reaching a mutual understanding.  At first my approach was going to find view that I thought captured the tree and use the same view on all four seasons.  But how do you define a tree like this with one view?  There is so much personality at all it’s corners, that I am going to do each season at a slightly different view.

Lucky for me, we had a late winter/early spring snow and I was able to see how the snow rested upon the branches.

The process is similar to my other work.  The tree is the painted black and brown background on the panel.  The greyish blue sky is painted on paper and then is the cut out negative space around the tree.  The snow is also painted on paper and cut out.

Spring is up next.  I will start work on it tonight.

2010 #1

February 1, 2010

workmanship...11x14 panel board...31 january 2010

January has been a really busy month for us that ended with an open house exhibition of  my 52 paintings from 2009.  The prepartion for this exhibition was a lot of work…from painting the 3 main rooms (living, dining, kitchen), to prepping the artwork (painting the edges of the panel board and installing hanging wires), to hanging all the artwork, to creating invites (and trying to invite friends to come in a way that doesn’t feel awkward-“come see my work!”)…Let’s see, what else did we do?  Oh yeah, cleaned the house and my wife made a lot of delicious food.  That was hard work, but the end result was a very fun and joyous time.  I was delighted and humbled that so many people came and they all offered me nice and encouraging words.

In the middle of all of that I was finally able to complete a new painting to kick off the new year.  “Workmanship” is part of the “Little Things (I should have said and done)” series.  I feel like I need a nice little nap and then I’ll be ready to jump back in the studio for some more work.

Week 35

September 2, 2009

Little Things I Should Have Said and Done...11x14 panel board...01 Sept 2009

Little Things I Should Have Said and Done #4...11x14 panel board...01 Sept 2009

This is my last “white” themed piece before I submit these to the “White Show” – a juried exhibit in Lawrence, Kansas.  Hopefully, one of these will be selected. 

I did #4 on an 11×14 panel board.  This has been my largest work yet for my weekly painting series.  My original mission was to work small on 8×10, but lately I have been using 9×12 and now this.

Quiz:  Can you name the bridge seen in #4?