2011 #15

December 2, 2011

Swan Flight (Grace B-side)…8×10 acrylic on foil, paper, canvas…01 Dec 2011

Leftover paper and used materials from my latest painting turned into a “b-side” for my current project.


Grace Outake

December 2, 2011

Swoon (grace outake)…photo…01 Dec 2011

I have really been fascinated with all the leftover paper cut from my main projects.  I see short-little potential in these pieces of paper that are on their way to the recycling bin.  That’s all.  Enjoy!

This is a video “demo” (sketch) for the concept of my new album (painting.)  It is a simple melody in the most basic way: cut white paper with light and shadow.  I quickly shot this in one take with a handheld camera and left in all the background noise…the music in my studio, the kids talking and running across the wood floors above, etc.

video still

November 13, 2011

video still from Grace "demo" light and shadow mono mix

This fall has been fantastic and has been moving quickly.  It seems like forever since I have posted any new work.  I have slowly been working on a new project of which I refer to as my “new album.”  I am going rock and roll on this.  My album will feature some demo’s, for the collectors a single (radio edit), maybe some besides, and the finished piece.

The above picture is a “still” from a quick little video I took.  This is a demo of what is to come with the new album.  This demo is mono – white on white- using shadow and light to create the image of a figure.  I will release the “demo” video soon, followed by the single, before the album comes out.

2011 #8

May 18, 2011

Circular #2...9x12 acrylic on blueprint and panel...17 May 2011

I like a clear idea, unity of a theme and running with it for a while.  I may do one, two, or three more of these circular abstracts.

2011 #7

May 10, 2011

Circular #1...9x12 acrylic on blueprint and panel...08 May 2011

A few months ago, I salvaged from the bin a nice collection of old blueprints.  I have been eyeing them and waiting for the right opportunity to incorporate them into one of my paintings.  So I am going to test them out on a couple of circular abstracts.


2011 #6

April 19, 2011

lines and squares...4x5 acrylic on paper and panel...18 April 2011

This is how I work…I paint paper on a drafting table.  I almost always use scrap paper under the paper I am painting to protect the table from overpaint.  Sometimes I find that the scrap paper with the overpaint of different colors has a unique randomness and I see potential.

This has always been one of my themes and a goal of my work:  TO FIND BEAUTY AND POTENTIAL IN THE TRASH, LEFTOVER, DISCARDED, BROKEN AND UNINTEDED.

So I look at the piece of grided paper with random paint splotches and try to figure out how to make it interesting.  I debated several ideas and go for a line patern with a limited color wash and then I cut away with my knife.

Sometimes, I just need to do a quick project.

2010 #15

July 12, 2010

Neighborhood on Stilts...8x8 acrylic on paper and panel...10 Jul 2010

Another small 8×8 painting from my “leftover paint” series…The color is a combo of yellows, tans, and whites and I can’t remember if this was created from the summer or fall version of the hedge apple tree series.  I spread the remaining paint onto a ripped out page of a nearby magazine.  The idea I had for this piece of painted paper was to create a line drawing without making any lines.  Later I came back in and added a thin layer of white over a few of the cut out pieces to visually seperate certain elements from the common background.

I sat on this concept for a while.  I knew I wanted crooked lines with a few feature blocks, but wasn’t sure how to execute it.  I waited and sketched a few ideas until it looked right and the bells went off.  I like it.

2010 #14

June 29, 2010

boy with boat...8x8 acrylic on paper and panel, pencil...28 Jun 2010

The blue colors of this painting is the leftover paint from the background of the Spring version of the Hedge Apple Tree.  I didn’t have a much leftover, so I grabbed a nearby architectural magazine and applied the remaining paint before it all dried up.

I have two more sheets with leftover paint applied to them and I keep looking at them and trying to find the potential.  I know its there, but I am waiting for it to hit me.  I like these little projects…they are like design challenges.  Make something creative and beautiful…out of this!  You have till midnight.

2010 #13

June 21, 2010

Yellow...8x8 acrylic and ink on paper and panel...19 Jun 2010

While I was working on my last series…the hedge apple trees…I tried not to waste any paint from all the color mixing.  Rather than having paint dry on my palette, I would reach for paper and brush it on.  With nothing in mind, I have made a several color swatches on paper and my intention is to use these to create a series of small paintings.  This “yellow” was the color of the leaves from the fall season.  The goal is to try to figure out how best to use these color samples to create something that I find meaningful.  I think the leftover paint is worth redeeming.

2010 #3

February 17, 2010

Secret 2...12x12 acrylic on paper and panel...16 Feb 2010

Regarding  the “Secret” series, I am interested and exploring these things:

  • square panels – I have been using 12×12, but I just love squares.
  • the image with-in – I like the idea of not taking the image to the edge of the panel and the asymmetrical placement.  It adds to the “secret”…it’s a glimpse and doesn’t reveal the whole story.
  • one color at different values.
  • the hidden narrative interpreted from my personal photos.

We’ll see where this goes.  I plan to do a few more in this style.  This next week I will be working on a piece that is a collaboration with my son’s first grade class.  It should be fun.

Week 48

December 2, 2009

Street Scene and Magazines #2...9x12 Panel Board...01 Dec 2009

I did not originally inted for there to be a “#2” for Street Scenes and Magazines…but as I looked at the orignal, I could imagine what would happen around the corner and off the frame.  I had leftover sheets of painted magazines, so it made since to add a second painting.

Wow!  Only four more paintings left for this year.  I am trying to come up with ideas for a different project for 2010.  Right now I am thinking working on a larger scale.

Week 47

November 25, 2009

Street Scene and Magazines...9x12 panel board...24 Nov 2009

Happy Thankgiving!

This week’s painting is wildly different from my Flint Hills series.  The Flint Hills were so simple in form and minimal in color and this one is just bursting with noise.  I had an image in my mind of what I wanted this to look like and I just kept tinkering with it trying to find that right feeling.  Last night I finally got to a point that I felt it was finished enough to move on.  Any new ideas could be applied to a future painting.  There were many “what ifs…” on this one.

Week 42

October 20, 2009

Four Little Clowns Not Clowning Around...9x12 Panel Board...19 Oct 2009

Four Little Clowns Not Clowning Around...9x12 Panel Board...19 Oct 2009

My last several paintings have been themed around costumes and I guess I can attribute that to the preperation of homemade costumes that my wife and I are making for the kids for this upcoming Halloween.  But I also like how ‘costume’ or the idea of ‘costume’ can create a certain type of character and adds to the narrative of the story.

When wrestling on the floor with my boys, there is always moment when my four year old will leave the room for a couple of minutes and then coming rushing back with his superhero cape on and a new vigor of strength.

I tried something different on this piece.  The background has no paint but is created only with crayon.

Week 40

October 6, 2009

Moon Costume...9x12 Panel Board...05 Oct 2009

Moon Costume...9x12 Panel Board...05 Oct 2009

I really don’t know where this one came from.  The idea of the subject came from an old time theater photo I had laying around and the background was just an experiment with painted strips from different types of paper including a map of Arkansas.

I have ideas for using and taking from more old-time images.  I think I might move in that direction…oh, and maybe more cows, too!

Week 36

September 9, 2009

Untitled (week #36)...9x12 Panel Board...06 Sept 2009

Untitled (week #36)...9x12 Panel Board...06 Sept 2009

I took a mental break after last week and had nothing prepared for when it came time to paint for week 36.  So I decided to mess with colors and ambiguous shapes in hopes that it would be simple.  It wasn’t as simple as I would have liked.

My original intent with these weekly paintings was for them to be simple and minimal, but I feel like these have been getting more and more complex.   So far I have been enjoying the direction I have taken, but it is starting to take it’s toll (…time and lack of sleep on the weekends.)  I might need to rethink and redefine the simple and minimal.

Week 33

August 18, 2009

Little Things I Should Have Said and Done #3...9x12 panel board...17 August 2009

Little Things I Should Have Said and Done #3...9x12 panel board...17 August 2009

…still working on the “little thing” series.  Again, I am submitting these for the “White” gallery show, so you can tell I am aiming for uniformity in content and style.

Week 32

August 12, 2009

Little Things I Should Have Said And Done...9x12 panel board...12 August 2009

Little Things I Should Have Said And Done...9x12 panel board...12 August 2009

Now that I am back home and not working on the road (week 30 and 31), I am revisiting the “the little things” theme.  I hope to submit these for an upcoming gallery show in Lawrence, KS that my friend Darin ( BALM ) is putting on.

Week 28

July 13, 2009

Iowa: Red...9x12 Panel Board...12 July 2009

Iowa: Red...9x12 Panel Board...12 July 2009

Here is part 3 of 3 for my Iowa color series. 

Lately, I have been exploring the idea of song and album.  No other artform moves me more than music and I was telling a friend that my goal is to someday visually capture that emotional connection of a song or album.  I am not confidant that this can be accomplished.  A song or album can take you on a journey slowly revealing itself to you, whereas a painting is fully exposed.  I cannot control the path of a viewers eyes…oh, I see this can become a deep discussion.  In the meantime, I have focused on stand alone parts that can be put together as a whole.  Hopefully, like how unified songs make a great album.

Week 27

July 6, 2009

Iowa: Green...9x12 Panel Board...05 July 2009

Iowa: Green...9x12 Panel Board...05 July 2009

I had a good  and busy 4th of July weekend.  Luckily, I had an extra day in the weekend, because family activities went late into the night.  After the kids are in bed, then I get time in the studio.

Here is part 2 of 3 in my Iowa series.

Week 26

June 29, 2009

Iowa: Blue...9x12 panel board...28 June 2009

Iowa: Blue...9x12 panel board...28 June 2009

This is the 26th week with my 26th painting.  The year is half over and I am really proud of myself for sticking with this committment  (so far) to do one painting a week for a year.  I actually look forward to my time (usually late at night) during the weekend to work in the studio.  There was a time early in the year when I thought that I would run out of ideas.  Luckily, this discipline has taught me  to quickly come up with new ones and at the same time be planning future ideas.  The key is to always be looking for that potential and to keep a pen, sketchbook, and camera handy.

Iowa: Blue is part 1 of 3.  I recently took a work-related road trip up to northern Iowa.  We drove through heat, massive thunderstorms, incredible clouds and skies, wind farms, farmlands, farmhouses, barns, and small towns.  What fun!

Week 25

June 22, 2009

I have not seen this day before, part 3: Knowledge

I have not seen this day before, part 3: Knowledge...9x12 panel board...21 June 2009

Part 3 concludes the end of the “I have not seen this day before”  series.  Now I have a few days to dream up something new.

part 1

part 2

Week 24

June 17, 2009

I have not seen this day before, part 2:  Discovery...9x12 panel board...16 June 2009

I have not seen this day before, part 2: Discovery...9x12 panel board...16 June 2009

I was suppose to finish this piece Monday night, but we had one of those fantastic Kansas thunderstorms…the kind where the wind is blowing so hard you are nervous about the trees over your house.  The kind where there is so  much rain showering down that the streets become little rivers and the night sky is more lit than dark because of all the lightening.  Wonderful and scary.  And yes, the kind of storm where you lose power and dig around for flashlights and matches for candles.  Anyway, the candlelight was not cutting it for a good light source for work, but worked just fine for book reading.

Week 22

June 2, 2009

Untitled (week 22)...8x10 panel board...01 June 2009

Untitled (week 22)...8x10 panel board...01 June 2009

I have really enjoyed working on this current series of grid and white blocks and there are still many different angles to explore, but it is time to take a break to pursue other ideas.  I still want to contribute to this series here and there, but I would really like to dream up something new right now.

Week 20

May 20, 2009

blue streak...8x10 panel board...20 May 2009

blue streak...8x10 panel board...19 May 2009

Sorry this is a little late.  I had a busy weekend with early mornings, which means I didn’t stay up late into the wee hours of the morning like I usually do.

I never know what to name these pieces.  Mabye it will make since later and I’ll rename the whole series.  I know a songwriter who comes up with the titles to all his songs first and then builds music and the lyrics based on those titles.  If I was good with words, I might someday try that approach.

Week 19

May 12, 2009

Everything (In the Right Place)...8x10 Panel Board...11 May 2009

Everything (In Its Right Place)...8x10 Panel Board...11 May 2009

This version of white grided blocks is about order and rules.  There is a color pattern rotating around a center point and the voids in the white blocks follow certain rules given it’s shape and size.  Previous versions were random and arbitrary, which I very much liked because I didn’t want the piece to look forced or predictable.  Even in the previous versions, I think I was still applying rules to create randomness but just not pattern.  Anyway, I wanted to see what happened if I gave in and allowed the rules and paterns to take over.

Week 18

May 5, 2009

4,3,2,1...8x10 Panel Board...04 May 2009

4,3,2,1...8x10 Panel Board...04 May 2009

…a continuation of color, grid, white boxes, and voids.  I want to work on a few more of these, because I like the look of the whole series together.

Week 17

April 27, 2009

Big City #2...8x10 Panel Board...26 April 2009

Big City #2...8x10 Panel Board...26 April 2009

I wanted to build off the idea of last week’s painting.  I still feel like I can take this in a few different directions.  I like the idea of creating a series of similar themes.  It documents the process and growth for me as I explore an idea, but I also like the unity of the work together.

Week 16

April 19, 2009


Big City...8x10 Panel Board...19 April 2009

Big City...8x10 Panel Board...19 April 200

 I realized that my new interest has been white gridded blocks.  I think I just happened upon it, although when I look back on old sketches and notes, it is a recurring doodle.  My 4 year old was watching me work on this.  I asked him what he thought and he told me it looked like a “big city.”

Week 15

April 13, 2009

Empty...8x10 panel board...12 April 2009

Empty...8x10 panel board...12 April 2009

Most weeks when I approach a painting, I am ready to go.  I have spent a few days mulling over ideas in my head, sketching, and laying out the concept like it is a design.  This style of working comes very natural to me as I have spent many years in an architectural studio.  But this week was a bit different.  I mulled over ideas and wasn’t happy with the concepts and my sketches weren’t producing anything concrete.  All I had was an impression with no form.  So with no plan to follow, I started…and worked it out on the panel.  This process is more exploratory and it already leads to new ideas of that impression.

I have some interesting post-it note sketches that I may post someday.

week 04

January 26, 2009

Untitled (week 04)

Untitled (week 04)...8x10 panel board...25Jan2009

This is a “redo” of a preschool class project that I did with Ewan when he was four. It was dad’s night and they had all these stations set up for activities, so naturally we gravitated over to the art table. We found old computer paper (with side perforations) and a group of almost dried-up markers. We both started drawing lines and coloring in the spaces. I loved the finished product that we created and have it in my office. The color of those cheap markers are starting to fade, so this is my attempt to recreate the original.