2010 #22

January 4, 2011

Moose...12x12 acrylic on panel and paper...25 Dec 2010

My good friend has a place called “The Moose” in Colorado and he kindly lets my family stay there when we need a  vacation.  This last summer, I was inspired by all the Moose decor and knew I had to do a moose inspired painting for him.  I promised him this was my last moose painting.

This painting was done similarly to #18, in that paint is applied to panel board and the rest is made from cut “onion skin” paper.

This was my last finished painting of 2010.  Hopefully 2011 will be just as, if not more frutiful.


Week 31

August 7, 2009

Moose Crossing...8x10 Panel Board...3 August 2009

Moose Crossing...8x10 Panel Board...3 August 2009

As part of our recent trip to Colorado, we stayed in Silverthorne at my good friend Tim’s condo which has been nicknamed “the moose.”  I think the story of this nickname came from him seeing a moose walking along the property from his first visit to the place.  The condo itself has a wonderful charm with all things moose related.  I had no idea there was a market for moose hand towel hooks.  I was inspired by all thing moose, so I had to do my own take on this legend.  In my painting, I show the side elevation of the condo with Buffalo Peak in the background which is true to its location.