2010 #18

September 7, 2010

untitled...8x8 acrylic on panel and paper...06 Sept 2010

I haven’t posted anything new in a while.  The reason is that I have been working on my largest piece to date.  I have more than tripled the size of my usual paintings and have been working on a 36×36 inch painting.  For me it is a complex piece involving many layers and I have been taking my time with it.  It is almost finished, but not quite.

So, over the weekend, I had this concept pop in my head that was quite simple and minimal in contrast to my current project.  I decided to quickly explore it before it was lost and forgotten.  I like the way it turned out and it has opened up possibilities for future projects.


2010 #8

April 13, 2010

Secret 6...acyrilic on paper and panel...12 Apr 2010

I like to see a thing I know has not been seen before.
That’s why I cut my apple through to look into the core.
It’s nice to think though many an eye has seen its ruddy skin
Mine are the very first to spy the five brown pips within.



This painting is inspired and altered from a picture I took of Basilica Di Sant’Antonio in Padova, Italy.  When traveling, I like to take a lot of pictures…but I don’t like to be too obvious about taking pictures, so I will hold my camera down or close into the chest without seeing what is being captured in the lens.  This produces a lot of awful pictures and surprisingly some good ones with unique framing.  I hope to find a few that I might spark an idea.

2010 #6

March 22, 2010

Secret 4...12x12 acrylic on paper and panel...20 Mar 2010

O my dove, that art in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs, let me see thy countenance, let me hear thy voice; for sweet is thy voice, and thy countenance is comely.

Song of Songs 2.14

2010 #1

February 1, 2010

workmanship...11x14 panel board...31 january 2010

January has been a really busy month for us that ended with an open house exhibition of  my 52 paintings from 2009.  The prepartion for this exhibition was a lot of work…from painting the 3 main rooms (living, dining, kitchen), to prepping the artwork (painting the edges of the panel board and installing hanging wires), to hanging all the artwork, to creating invites (and trying to invite friends to come in a way that doesn’t feel awkward-“come see my work!”)…Let’s see, what else did we do?  Oh yeah, cleaned the house and my wife made a lot of delicious food.  That was hard work, but the end result was a very fun and joyous time.  I was delighted and humbled that so many people came and they all offered me nice and encouraging words.

In the middle of all of that I was finally able to complete a new painting to kick off the new year.  “Workmanship” is part of the “Little Things (I should have said and done)” series.  I feel like I need a nice little nap and then I’ll be ready to jump back in the studio for some more work.

Week 50

December 14, 2009

Winter Tree...8x8 panel board...13 Dec 2009

Again, this is another attempt at a real simple painting.  Things are getting super busy around our house, so the more simple this can be will hopefully mean less stress on me.  This tree was inspired by a Christmas lighting display in my neighborhood.  Instead of the traditional light wrapping around the tree, it has balls of lights hanging from branches.

Week 49

December 8, 2009

Snowy Tree at 30 Degrees...8x8 panel board...07 Dec 2009

So…the “White Elephant” was a bonus painting and this is the official painting for Week 49. 

I thought I’d try to end the year by going back to my original vision with simple ideas and minimal color and hopefully projects that are less time consuming.  With the Christmas season and the end of the year fast approaching, I have so many things to do and I don’t want to get stressed.

Week 47

November 25, 2009

Street Scene and Magazines...9x12 panel board...24 Nov 2009

Happy Thankgiving!

This week’s painting is wildly different from my Flint Hills series.  The Flint Hills were so simple in form and minimal in color and this one is just bursting with noise.  I had an image in my mind of what I wanted this to look like and I just kept tinkering with it trying to find that right feeling.  Last night I finally got to a point that I felt it was finished enough to move on.  Any new ideas could be applied to a future painting.  There were many “what ifs…” on this one.

Week 44

November 2, 2009


Autumn in the Flint Hills of Kansas, #1...9x12 panel board...01 Nov 2009

Last week, I had a work related trip that sent me on a drive through the Flint Hill of Kansas.  I knew right away what I would be painting this week and the next following weeks.  I grabbed my camera and took a few photos for reference.  It was early in the morning and the eastern sunrise gave these hills a reddish glow.

This week I worked quick and loose and tried to keep things in their simple elements.  I kept the background sky sloppy rather than try to blend the blue values.  I was very happy to finish on time and also to have caught up on sleep.

Week 41

October 13, 2009

Three Sisters...9x12 Panel Board...12 October 2009

Three Sisters...9x12 Panel Board...12 October 2009

These ladies are dressed up for a fun night on the town.

Week 36

September 9, 2009

Untitled (week #36)...9x12 Panel Board...06 Sept 2009

Untitled (week #36)...9x12 Panel Board...06 Sept 2009

I took a mental break after last week and had nothing prepared for when it came time to paint for week 36.  So I decided to mess with colors and ambiguous shapes in hopes that it would be simple.  It wasn’t as simple as I would have liked.

My original intent with these weekly paintings was for them to be simple and minimal, but I feel like these have been getting more and more complex.   So far I have been enjoying the direction I have taken, but it is starting to take it’s toll (…time and lack of sleep on the weekends.)  I might need to rethink and redefine the simple and minimal.

Week 28

July 13, 2009

Iowa: Red...9x12 Panel Board...12 July 2009

Iowa: Red...9x12 Panel Board...12 July 2009

Here is part 3 of 3 for my Iowa color series. 

Lately, I have been exploring the idea of song and album.  No other artform moves me more than music and I was telling a friend that my goal is to someday visually capture that emotional connection of a song or album.  I am not confidant that this can be accomplished.  A song or album can take you on a journey slowly revealing itself to you, whereas a painting is fully exposed.  I cannot control the path of a viewers eyes…oh, I see this can become a deep discussion.  In the meantime, I have focused on stand alone parts that can be put together as a whole.  Hopefully, like how unified songs make a great album.