2012 #1

January 9, 2012

Home (grace B-side)...8x10 acrylic on canvas and paper...09 Jan 2012

Here is another B-side from the Grace album.  This is Home.


2011 #5

April 12, 2011

Park Inn Hotel...16x20 acrylic on paper and panel...09 April 2011

Here is a quick photo of my latest painting.  In 2009, I was on a work trip in Mason City, Iowa and I came upon this gem of a building while exploring “main street” of this small town. Park Inn Hotel was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built in 1909.  Currently, this empty building is being rehabilitated back to its original glory.  Check out this website for more info:  http://www.wrightonthepark.org/

I took a few pictures around the building that I intended to some day paint.  (I can now check that off my list.)  The colors of my painting I took from a detail of the inlaid blue-ish and red-ish tile and the tan-ish cream is from the face brick.

2010 #5

March 9, 2010

Secret 3...12x12 acrylic on paper and panel...09 Mar 2010

SO bashful when I spied her,
So pretty, so ashamed!
So hidden in her leaflets,
Lest anybody find;

So breathless till I passed her,
So helpless when I turned
And bore her, struggling, blushing,
Her simple haunts beyond!

For whom I robbed the dingle,
For whom betrayed the dell,
Many will doubtless ask me,
But I shall never tell!

-Emily Dickenson

2010 #2

February 8, 2010

Secret 1...12x12 acrylic on paper and panel...07 Feb 2010

Conceptually, I am pretty excited about this new series that I just started.  For now,  I think I will name the series “Secret.”  As I do a few of these, I will re-evaluate to see if  that is the right title.  I have a few concepts that I have dreamed up in my head and I will see if I translate them on to panel.

I am also excited about an upcoming project that I will be facilitating with my son’s first grade class.  Twenty-two kids will be collaborating on a single canvas to create a painting that will be auctioned off as a PTA fundraiser.  Thematically, the painting will be similar in concept to my “winter trees” series, but on a larger scale.

Week 52

December 29, 2009

Cafe on the Square...16x20 panel board...27 Dec 2009

Painting # 52 – the last of the year.  This painting was actually a commissioned piece for a Christmas gift.  I am sorry for the poor image quality.  Since it is a larger size than my others, I could not scan it…so I shot it with a hand held camera.

Anyway, thanks to my friends who bought original artwork and I hope you enjoy this added embellishment to your walls.

Stay tuned as I figure out my future plans…

A lot of people have been asking me if I plan to sell these paintings.  The answer is yes…all paintings are for sale.  If you are interested please send an email to gfsamwagner (at) gmail.com.  My prices are very reasonable.

Week 48

December 2, 2009

Street Scene and Magazines #2...9x12 Panel Board...01 Dec 2009

I did not originally inted for there to be a “#2” for Street Scenes and Magazines…but as I looked at the orignal, I could imagine what would happen around the corner and off the frame.  I had leftover sheets of painted magazines, so it made since to add a second painting.

Wow!  Only four more paintings left for this year.  I am trying to come up with ideas for a different project for 2010.  Right now I am thinking working on a larger scale.

Week 47

November 25, 2009

Street Scene and Magazines...9x12 panel board...24 Nov 2009

Happy Thankgiving!

This week’s painting is wildly different from my Flint Hills series.  The Flint Hills were so simple in form and minimal in color and this one is just bursting with noise.  I had an image in my mind of what I wanted this to look like and I just kept tinkering with it trying to find that right feeling.  Last night I finally got to a point that I felt it was finished enough to move on.  Any new ideas could be applied to a future painting.  There were many “what ifs…” on this one.