2010 #21

December 13, 2010

White Elephant...4x6 acrylic on paper and bambo...04 Dec 2010

This is my yearly “white elephant” painting for the white elephant gift exchange party.  My mantra is to “put the white elephant back in white elephant.”  I put this painting together by finding some scrap magazine paper that had been painted with the remaining paint from an earlier project.  I also had a sample of bambo hardwood flooring which I used as the panel to paint.

I have been kind of quiet lately, but I have many projects coming up.  I needed some time for a break (November is a very busy month for our family with 3 birthdays and Thanksgiving.)  I have used that time to reorganize my studio (and Iam still working on it.)  I have also been working on an album cover for a friend.  I painted the world on 20 panels as part of the kid’s Christmas Choir performance at our church…and lately I have just been enjoying the Christmas season.  I have a lot of ideas that I want to get started with.  I expect January to be busy/fun month.

Merry Christmas!


White Elephant 2009 #2...5x7 canvas...11 Dec 2009

This weekend my wife and I went to another Christmas party with another White Elephant gift exchange.  I found another 5×7 canvas in our basement that had been previously painted by the kids some years ago.  The fun part about reusing this canvas is working with the existing colors already on the canvas rather than totally paint over and start fresh.  On this one, moreso than my previous “White Elephant,” I let the origianl colors show through and I just covered the canvas with a white translucent wash and then added a sort of ground and horizon line.

White Elephant 2009

December 6, 2009

White Elephant 2009...5x7 canvas...04 Dec 2009

Each Christmas season, there is always a party where you are suppose to bring a “white elephant” gift.  I have made it my motto to put the white elephant back in white elephant.  Rather than finding junk in the house to get ride of, I thought it would be nice (and fun) to do a small and quick (although it never is) painting of the infamous white elephant.  This is my third year, so I think I have a tradition strarted.  And yes I did find a canvas to reuse in the basement.