2011 #3

March 2, 2011

postman...30x40 acyrlic on canvas and paper...28 February 2011

Sorry…the picture is kinda crummy, but it looks good in person. 

I have been working on this wintery themed painting over the past month…I guess I was inspired by the ‘big’  blizzard and all the snowfall we have had here in Kansas City.

These larger paintings take me a while to do, since I can only pluck away at it a few hours here and there…mostly over the weekend.  I already have an idea for a smaller painting to do next.  Hopefully, this will only take me a couple of weeks instead of a month.  I just like to keep rolling and start thinking about the next project, it keeps the mind fresh.



2010 #22

January 4, 2011

Moose...12x12 acrylic on panel and paper...25 Dec 2010

My good friend has a place called “The Moose” in Colorado and he kindly lets my family stay there when we need a  vacation.  This last summer, I was inspired by all the Moose decor and knew I had to do a moose inspired painting for him.  I promised him this was my last moose painting.

This painting was done similarly to #18, in that paint is applied to panel board and the rest is made from cut “onion skin” paper.

This was my last finished painting of 2010.  Hopefully 2011 will be just as, if not more frutiful.

2010 #9

April 29, 2010

Hedge Apple Tree: Winter...11x14 acrylic on panel and paper...28 Apr 2010

I have been comissioned to do four paintings of this hedge apple tree.  One painting for each of the four seasons.  I have taken a bit of time to study the tree, take many pictures, and figure out the approach that I would take to capture this tree in the different seasons.  The tree is amazing.  It looks as if the main trunkline branches have battled each other over the years before reaching a mutual understanding.  At first my approach was going to find view that I thought captured the tree and use the same view on all four seasons.  But how do you define a tree like this with one view?  There is so much personality at all it’s corners, that I am going to do each season at a slightly different view.

Lucky for me, we had a late winter/early spring snow and I was able to see how the snow rested upon the branches.

The process is similar to my other work.  The tree is the painted black and brown background on the panel.  The greyish blue sky is painted on paper and then is the cut out negative space around the tree.  The snow is also painted on paper and cut out.

Spring is up next.  I will start work on it tonight.

Week 50

December 14, 2009

Winter Tree...8x8 panel board...13 Dec 2009

Again, this is another attempt at a real simple painting.  Things are getting super busy around our house, so the more simple this can be will hopefully mean less stress on me.  This tree was inspired by a Christmas lighting display in my neighborhood.  Instead of the traditional light wrapping around the tree, it has balls of lights hanging from branches.